Monday, June 11, 2007

Pure & Radiant Energy

In my continued search for beauty products closer to home, I think I've found something that actually works for my sensitive skin. I've only tried two products so far, the gentle scrub and one of the moisturizers. The scrub is a great addition to my nightly routine and I've noticed the flaky patches on my skin are going away. The moisturizer I purchased in April as a winter/cooler weather cream. Now summer is approaching I would switch to a lighter cream and there are two I am considering.

When I first found the product website I was a bit disappointed that parabens were used in the products. Since then I've done a lot of research on parabens, and must thank Caroline Kolof, one of the founders of PRE (Pure&Radiant Energy) for phoning me from her home to discuss the product ingredients. Caroline, and her husband, Maury use the products themselves and are well aware of the paraben controversy. I truly believe Caroline and Maury wouldn't use products themselves if they thought this was a serious threat to their health. Plus Caroline continues to do research to find an alternative perservative that would replace parabens. I didn't ask her about grapefruit seed extract as we had already discussed that some "natural" perservatives are in fact not natural at all.

I'm looking forward to visiting PRE in Vancouver this month, and hopefully will be able to meet Caroline or Maury, or both of them.


Anonymous said...

If there is even a slight chance that parabens have a play in breast cancer, we should not be using this ingredient. It is irresponsible to do otherwise. There are several natural alternatives available as I have recently discovered. I would encourage the owners to continue to research this.

Jessica Burman
Cocoon Apothecary

Anonymous said...

Please share with us the names of these natural preservatives as well as the data that shows that they provide full broad spectrum protection against mold, bacteria, e-coli, etc.

Anonymous said...

I have just looked at Cocoon Apothecary's website and one of the preservatives they are using is diazolidinyl urea. This preservative is a known carcinogen as is a proven formaldehyde releaser. Jessica Burman, it is extremely irresponsible for you to portray urea as a natural preservative. I encourage all those who read this to google "diazolidinyl urea" to find out the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Cocoon Apothecary is no longer using diazolidinyl urea. Our preservative is sodium anisate and sodium levulinate. It is full spectrum.