Monday, October 13, 2014

My Coffee Shop Campaign

I would like to start a coffee shop campaign regarding the options offered for alternative milk.  Most coffee shops offer soy.  Well let's start with soy then.  Women who have or who have had breast or ovarian cancer shouldn't drink soy.  Plus soy is a GMO crop and many people today wish to avoid GMO crops.  Some people are allergic soy as well.  It isn't the best alternative milk option and I really wish coffee shops would stop using it.

The other option is Almond milk.  Ok, not bad.  However what about people who are allergic to nuts??   Other milk options like hemp or rice cost the same as soy or almond milk.  Why not offer rice milk?  It foams up better than any other milk for lattes.  Most people I know can drink rice milk.  I haven't heard of any people being allergic to rice. 

Want to help?  Then start telling coffee shops to provide another alternative.  Maybe start a petition??