Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heiko Skin Care--Japanese for Balance

In the second phase of testing Canadian natural and/or organic skin care, I have been trying Heiko ( a company out of Quebec. Heiko means balance in Japanese--balanced skin care. Heiko offers 4 products; a cleanser, exfoliation product, toner and two creams. I ordered the cleanser and exfoliation first to try. I like both very much and ordered the toner and the lighter cream. Orders over a certain amount have free shipping, I was saving some money by ordering two times. The toner isn't that great, and I wouldn't use it every day for my skin. As a refresher after exercise it works great. The cream is ok, it is light and perfect for summer when my skin doesn't need to be drenched in lotion. The cleanser and exfoliation product are the best items. The two can be mixed together to make a nice scrub/wash, or used separately.

The cost of the products is reasonable. Shipping was not consistent. The first time Purolator was used and I had to pick up the package. On the second order I requested the waybill to track the item. Although the waybill was provided, the package was not sent Purolator but DHL. Purolator didn't leave the package at the door, but DHL did. When I emailed the customer representative regarding the delivery and requested the tracking number on the second package, I was told to request Canada Post next time as they had no control over which courier was used. Not the best customer service.

Packaging was minimal, a small box and plastic bubble wrap which I was able to fully recycle. The products have minimal packaging too. Only the cream came in a box.

Phase Three testing coming soon....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007