Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Farewell to Summer

Call it the September Blues, for some reason ever since I started going to school, September holds for me a time of feeling a bit sad. The air is crisper and the days are starting to be noticeably shorter. Summer is on the way some parts of the country the leaves will be starting to turn displaying wonderous shades of yellow, red and orange -- those Autumn colours. Why sad? Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons, a time of play and being outdoors. September has always seemed to me to be a "get back to business" month. And so I feel a bit sad that the summer months have slipped away. It has been a delightful summer!!

And yes, September does herald a time of new beginnings; a changing of the seasons. A time when we gather the harvest and prepare for those long winter nights. Here in British Columbia the changing of the seasons isn't so harsh and I can easily tolerate the change. Luckily the days are often filled with sunshine long into October and November. Why live anywhere else? I haven't forgotten September in other provinces that I've lived in -- the cold nights, the whisper of snow to come, the TV commercials for tropic get-aways and the sudden onslaught of Christmas advertisements.

So I bid farewell to Summer a little later now....but the feeling of "getting back to business" is there and all the more so for working in an educational institution. For as September begins our office knows "they're back....."

Sunday, August 08, 2004


Welcome to Lou'z Newz!

A little site that will keep you up to date on what's happening with me, jokes, interesting tidbits and life in the slow lane.

John helped me to create this blog on a sunny Sunday morning in August 2004.

Drop by, sit back, relax and check out what's going on!