Monday, March 31, 2008

A walk along Oak Bay Avenue

I was on vacation from March 21 to March 31. A 10 day hiatus to stay on the island to kayak, read, enjoy a few days before back to work and the rush.

Friday morning I had to myself, planning to meet John later for DVD movies and dinner. It was my errand to purchase items for our dinner. Although chilly it was a nice day and I headed out at 9am. My first stop was the Fairway to pick up the basics, then over to Ambrosio to get cherry tomatoes, organic turkey and swiss cheese which made a delicious sandwich later for my lunch.

Next door to the Fairway is Oak Bay Florists with some of the best flower prices in town.

After stopping at Ambrosio I peeked into Nicholas Randall, an interesting array of items but nothing that I needed this time around. Passed on Starbuck's as I am trying to avoid drinking over roasted bad tasting coffee. Instead I went to The Village Patisserie where Susanna Dery and her cheerful employees make delicious cakes and pasteries. My favourite muffin (apple ginger bran) had already disappeared, which saved me making a purchase, although later I did get something else at the other place.

I wandered down past the shops, noticed a new tea bar will be opening in the former wine shop location. Not that I will miss the wine shop--I won't! The two occasions I went into the wine shop for their advertised wine tasting I found the staff to be unhelpful and rude. Not at all like the Penny Farthing liquor outlet across the street whose employees are very helpful and polite.

Another new shop on the Avenue is Art See eyewear where I met Trina Mendria and Janet Joynson. Art See eyewear is the candy store for people who wear glasses! Wonderful frames in great styles and two people who are saavy fashionistas to help with the selection. I am pretty sure I'm going with new frames instead of new contact lenses.

As I had forgotten an item for our dinner, John and I had to return to the Village. We went to Cobb's Breads to get dinner rolls and he got a ham&cheese crossiant and I got an iced cinnamon bun. Yummy!

I'm glad I have a great neighbourhood to explore. Of course, there are some great shops further up Oak Bay Avenue and a few blocks in the other direction from me is Estevan Village and the few shops at the corner of Estevan and Cadboro Bay Road.