Monday, October 09, 2006

VCon 31

This is my third VCon which takes place during the October long weekend in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. It is a Science Fiction & Fantasy conference with dealers, gaming, authors, panel discussions, filking, dancing and varioius other events. It isn't Star Trekkies either! Many of the people here enjoy the same things you'd like yourself. Most of them have read Lord of the Rings and other fantasy, plus science fiction. Now I never considered myself a science fiction fan, but actually I've discovered I am. Reading Connie Willis or enjoying Firefly puts me into this category. However, when I mention I'm going to VCon I have to explain it isn't a bunch of Star Trek fans dressing up.

This year I even took an oragami workshop to learn how to fold paper into a dragon. Since my friend Steph loves dragons so much I've placed my first, and maybe only, paper dragon into her safe keeping.

I didn't dress up and never have, nor do I feel I have to.

I've participated in discussions on "How will Harry Potter end?", global warming, what I read besides science fiction or fantasy, what new movies are to be released, dragons good and evil, the emotional palette of horror and magic or religion.

It is a great way to share ideas, meet wonderful people from many different walks of life, do some shopping (Ikea & Richmond Centre), spend time away from the island and spend some time with John.

Maybe one day I will attend some of the other cons.