Thursday, February 07, 2008

A trip back in time

When I left home at 19 and went off to college in Winnipeg I remember my first apartment hunting in the downtown area. The streets were lined with huge old oak trees and the apartments ranged from 1930s to 1970s. My first apartment had warped floors and the standard white appliances. I didn't stay there long before moving into a great apartment on the top floor of a walk up, with built in china cupboards, hardwood floors, lots of light and a pink and black tiled bathroom. Of course I moved a few more times as other apartments in the neighbourhood became available or had more space.

However, I do remember one whole apartment block that I looked at and considered had the appliances in pink and turquois. I never rented in the apartment block, but I always liked those appliances. I even had a friend who rented on the other side of the Assinoboine River and had the pink fridge and stove. Her kitchen was so cute, with pink & lemon teatowels, pots of pink and yellow flowers and other pink or yellow kitchen items she found. Really retro!! Well folks the look is back, only in modern energy efficient versions. Dreams can come if only I had a house...