Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Secret Language of Girls

The Secret Language of Girls by Josey Vogels is the book to buy your best girlfriend for her birthday or Christmas. It is the book to buy your sister for her birthday, Christmas or just because you want to thank her for being there even if she is a pain. This is the book to buy your Mum, just because she was the first woman in your life, and you dressed up in her old dresses and wore her high heels and learnt about being girly from her. This is the book to buy your coworker to thank her for all her support. This is the book you pass along to your girlfriends to read and don't mind when they return it to you dogearred.

This is the book ALL your guy friends MUST read including former lovers and your current beau. It will help them understand us, communicate better with us and open their eyes to our world.

From the first chapter "From the Mouths of Babes" to the last "Long-Term Investment" Josey Vogels hits the nail on the head. I love her quotes at the beginning of the chapters (Be she old, or be she young, A woman's strength is in her tongue--Welsh proverb), the comments from other women and best of all the Secret Language of Girls Glossary (take note of this area men!!!) Here is a small sampling from the glossary....

In Relationships

"Was there something you wanted to watch?": meaning: Are you going to stop and see what's on any of those channels you're frantically flipping past because you're driving me nuts. Now give me the damn remote control before I whack you.

During Sex

"Not tonight": meaning: I'm sorry guy but because you have perpetuated the idea that men are ready for sex anytime you have made me the gatekeeper of sex. But truth be told when I say this it usually means I just require a slightly different seductive approach than you pressing your hard-on into my back when you spoon me.

To Other Women

"Wanna come to the bathroom with me?":meaning: Will you come to the bathroom with me so you can pass me toilet paper under the stall because I will once again pick the only stall that is out of toilet paper or the one with the door that doesn't shut and because the women's washrooms are inevitably 330 miles farther away than the men's and often down some dark hallway down creepy stairs and because I need you to help stave off boredom because women's bathrooms aways have a lineup and I need to borrow your lipstick and gossip about everyone else we're with and update each other on how the evening is going and strategize about how things will unfold and to make sure you don't walk out with a trail of toilet paper stuck to your shoes!

Well worth reading and sharing....and one last note....

When a man gives his opinion, he's a man, When a woman gives her opinion, she's a bitch -- Bette Davis