Monday, December 29, 2008

Make my day...

I woke up early this morning...obviously sleeping in on vacation is not working and I suppose 7:30 is two hours later than my usual 5:30. I turned on the computer to find Yahoo News (I know not CBC) has on the front page an article that one product in food was making us fat. Hmmmmm...another one than the one I already know is the culprit? Nope, just an article finally published and for the general public to see...high fructose CORN syrup is making us fat. No kidding! Hard to avoid and not only causing us to be fat, but some of us are allergic to corn.

If you need to cut this out of your diet and really want to lose weight go here:

The article on Yahoo was written by Shelagh McNally, the editor of Green Living Online

I still think we the people need to start putting our foot down and demand better food. We have a huge food industry that is making us sick, we then take drugs from companies who do not have our best interests at heart and would like us to remain sick because it is profitable. All I can say is for now, read labels, cut these foods out of your diet, support your local organic farmers and do all you can to obtain better food and better health.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not a Green Christmas

Not having a Green Christmas does not refer to my being eco-friendly. It refers to the fact that Vancouver Island is covered in snow. It will be the first time since 1971 that Canada, in every province and territory, will experience a white Christmas.

On the other hand I tried to have a green Christmas. I confess I have a fake mini tree which I've had for many years. My cat is 10 years old and I haven't had a real tree since she was a kitten.

I do recycle my wrapping paper. Last year I was handed all the paper my mother has recycled and now have a supply of paper, gift bags, bows, ribbon and gift tags to which I do not need to add to for many years.

I did shop. Some gifts I got at fair trade places, some at eco-friendly places and a lot on sale. Each year I try to be a more responsible consumer and do my part to cut down in some way and spend less or make a list of green gifts.

If anyone is still shopping, Juliet's Room offers lovely body butters, skin care, hand creams which are organic.

One thing I have noticed. In bringing my own bags all the time I now find I do not have bags for garbage. Unfortunately the apartment building does not compost and I still have garbage no matter how much I reduce. I've been searching for a garbage bag that will decompose quickly when it goes off to the landfill without it falling apart by the time I take it out. My paper bag solution did not work very well and I ended up with a soggy mess in the garbage can. Any ideas?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

toxic toxins

Thank you to Food That Matters for directing me to this YouTube clip. I know there are a lot of issues out there, but we really need to stand up and demand better food, better health!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Story of Stuff

There is a great site with information on how we consumer called the story of stuff and can be found at