Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fake vs Real Tree Debate

As Christmas time rolls around again the debate between a real tree and a fake tree starts all over again. This year will be the first year I've had a tree in a long long time. Normally I use a table top tree purchased on sale and probably after off-gassing in the store. After a bit of a debate my partner and I purchased our first tree, and yes it is a fake one. If I could have gone a more eco-friendly route I would have. Maybe I should have done more research? Today, Sweetspot newletter delivered to my email inbox a lovely note on a PVC free tree. Yeah, great idea! My favourite quote in the article is "And while they're a touch on the expensive side, they're guaranteed to last for years" Yes, they are a touch on the expensive side, check out (search Christmas trees). Considering the tree I got was $150 and will last for years too, I think these are priced out of most people's range. Why do I have the feeling eco-friendly products have become so expensive? It is because it is now chic to be eco?? Hopefully not!!

Although with the proposed rise in the cost of a monthly bus pass by BC Transit I have to question the sanity of penalizing green initiatives.