Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More than Fav Five

I like to share, be it ideas, food, knowlegde, fun, love, where to shop or where to eat, it is part of my nature and the social side of my personality. Which leads to making a list of my fav five, only the list got bigger...and this is only products. I could make a fav list of things I love about BC, Vancouver Island, kayaking, my man, work..etc etc etc...

My Fav Products:

I found Origins is now at the Bay Victoria. A few years ago I purchased a few products while in Vancouver and was so impressed. For my own Christmas treat I purchased a box set of a 3 month supply of products. My skin looks even better than it does!

Moisturizer: Origins A Perfect World
Night Cream: Origins Nigh-A-Mins
Cleanser: Origins Checks & Balances or Never a Dull Moment
Tonic: Origins A Perfect World liquid moisture (for the dry office I work in)
Special treatment: Origins A Perfect World guardian, eye doctor (on my wish list)
Scrubs: Never a Dull Moment (fab stuff) Swept Away (wish list)

Body lotion: Origins Ginger Souffle or the White Tea
Body scrub: Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub Ginger body smoother

Body wash: Wake up with Silk Roads Energy Body and Hand Wash-this is a new product for Silk Roads and I bought a small one to try. Notes of ginger, vetiver, lemongrass, grapefruit and coriander. Silk Roads has some great products for face too, the moisterizer is jojoba based and is what I use around my eyes although I have Origins on my wish list.

Another body wash I like is Nezza Naturals Spearmint. Nezza Naturals is on the Pandora side of Fan Tan Alley. Sasha and her Dad make all the products here in Victoria and on Galiano Island. Not only body washes, soaps, shampoos and facial products, but household cleaning products are available as well.

Shampoo: ShiKai Colour Reflect for dark hair which I found at Thrifty Foods. Thrifty Foods is carrying more natural products and this is one of the newer lines they've added. Really rich shampoo and cheaper than Aveda's Colour Conserve or Black Malva or Clove my other favorites.

Conditioner: I'm bad for not using conditioner. I previously used Aveda's Sap Moss and would again as a treat. Unless I can find Aveda for less (not likely) it is a bit expensive. I do use Infusium 23 in the summer to protect my colour from sun damage. ShiKai makes a conditioner as well and I will probably give it a try.

Hair product: Cake hair and body refreshing powder. This stuff is fabtastic!! Comes in two types; one for light hair and one for dark hair. Great to use to go a few days after colouring to "set" colour before washing your hair.

Hand cream: still trying to find a fav here. I have tried so many and I'm the type to put it on then wipe it off. Looking for one that won't make my hands greasy.

Nailpolish: SpaEssentials. Expensive and I order from Blossom Lounge in Toronto. On the other hand this polish is completely vegan and well worth the cost of not using a lot of chemicals. I only paint my toes in summer.

My main objective here is to pass along some fun items I've found. Although some items may contain questionable ingredients, I try for the most part to trade off as much as I can with natural, cruelty free products and buying locally or Canadian.