Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Avoiding Parabens

The lastest buzz is to avoid parabens in cosmetics. Now what does one do to replace these parabens and why are these being replaced? It has to do with a study based in the UK that parabens were found in breast tumour tissue and cause cancer (2004). I've been researching this whole paraben buzz. First, some companies do use a lot of parabens to have a long shelf life for their cosmetics and others use very little. In place of being paraben free some companies use an alternative that is derived from formeldyhyde...gee I think that is worst than parabens.

Secondly, I checked out both the Canadian Cancer Association http://www.cancer.ca
and the American Cancer Association to discover their comments on parabens and the report made in 2004. Check it out for yourself.

Thirdly, be an informed consumer like myself. Natural products aren't always as good as they seem. The word "natural" can be used by anyone. Vitamin E can be made synethically as well. Plant products can have pesticides and herbicides on them and be used in natural cosmetics. Essential oils can play havoc with skin too.

I have even purchased a natural skin cream, only to have it grow bateria within a few weeks. Bacteria which could have caused my skin and eyes major damage.

I say there will always be something to be removed from cosmetics. Lead, hair dye was an issue a few years back, paba in suntan lotions, the list goes on.

As someone with sensitive skin I've searched and searched for products that do not cause me grief with my skin. Most people find it amazing that I have a problem because my skin is so great. What is my secret??

I use suntan lotion every day--research skin cancer online.
I don't use tanning beds
I drink lots of water, green tea, white tea and only 2-3 cups of coffee
I eat organic and pesticide free produce as much as I can
I exercise indoors in bad weather, outdoors in good weather
I don't wear a lot of makeup and never foundation
I didn't paint my finger or toe nails for years, it just smelled so bad and now only use vegan polish

I've always researched the products I've purchased, used fair trade,certified organic or more natural products all my life. I've asked lots of questions and have purchased from people who develop and use their own products. Think about it, would you create a product and use it yourself knowing it contained ingredients that might cause you to develop cancer? I really don't think any woman is that vain.

We live in a world full of chemicals and it is hard to avoid them. All you can do is try your best to live a healthy life and be an informed consumer.

Ask yourself this...if you use paraben free products, certified organic cosmetics, etc. do you sit outside at the sidewalk cafe and breath in the gas fumes from the traffic??

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