Sunday, May 13, 2007

Paddlefest, Ladysmith BC, May 12-13

Five of us went up to Ladysmith from Victoria for the day on Saturday, May 12. We had a great time taking workshops and paddling different boats. I tried two of the Lightspeed boats made here on the island, although I liked both of them I'd have to test them in rougher waters. I really liked the Necky Elisa, the first boat made for a woman. Finally kayak designers are realizing women aren't built like men and we need a tighter cockpit around the waist with more hip room. The Elisa is a great boat, it handled well eventhough it is narrower than my boat and felt a bit tippy this feeling soon passed. Made of plastic means it can be recycled, is easier to fix when/if damaged and isn't that much heavier than my Delta. I didn't try lifting it. I did take out a 17 ft Delta sport. A lot of boat, something that would be great for touring and when I plan on taking a long trip. There are several more kayaks to try. I am hoping to try a Seaward at MEC and Peter at Pacifica Paddle has something in mind for me to try too.

The best part of the day was winning a prize! I won a high quality dry bag that comes with instructions on how to open it. The seal is so strong it took me a few minutes to figure out how to open it from the instructions. Will be perfect for that longer trip. Plus, being my birthday month, it counts as an unexpected birthday present...the best kind!

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