Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A new year

Although the year started in January, I really don't feel it has begun until May. It isn't just Spring and feeling renewed, it happens to be my birthday month and my birth date is at the beginning. I feel rejuvneated, I want to try something new, I want to make a change. I feel like a budding leaf, tightly curled up all winter and then unfurling dressed in bright leaf green.

Besides well wishes and gifts from my family and friends, I often am blessed with an unexpected gift. One time it was the upgrading of my job as transcript clerk on the day before my birthday. This year a similar event occurred and my current position was upgraded, the news being delivered to me on the day of my birthday. Actually the day I was told I was the successful candidate for my current postition was in November 2005, on a date that fell in the opposite astrological sign to my own and exactly 6 months (I consider 6 my lucky number) and a few days after my birthday.

The question I pose to myself now is....What do I want to try? I'm taking courses at university and I'm back kayaking every Sunday. I'm thinking of trying a stamping class to add an additional touch to my homemade cards. I've been researching cupcake cookbooks and the thought of taking a cake decorating course (again) has crossed my mind. I'd like to learn some new knitting stitches. The list is endless....

No doubts I will find one thing to try or try them all...the sun is shining and I start a new year..

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Dave Richards said...

It was really great going through your post...thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us...and Spring is truly the time for rejuvenation...and well as it is your birthday month warm birthday wishes from me...have a good time!!!