Thursday, January 18, 2007

Skin care so natural you can eat it

At the beginning of January I ordered skin care from Nadarra. Heard about it in Sweetspot my e-newsletter.

After reading about what is in cosmetics and personal care products, and that "against animal testing" is not the same as "not tested on animals" I've been trying to find more natural products. There are plenty of places around town that offer various "natural" products. What I was looking for was something free of synthetics, parabens and most preservatives.

I ordered on December 31/January1 and the package arrived by January 5th. My red spots and dry cheeks from winter weather have disappeared. My skin looks great! I even received a sample of hand cream. The skin care is 95% edible!

Julie replied to my emails answering all my questions and even asked how I liked the products and how was my skin reacting.

Reasonably priced, including the shipping prices. Will be ordering again.

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