Monday, June 19, 2006

It is now scented anything

After purchasing $40.00 worth of gas (full tank!!) I thought I should check on the price of windshield washer as I would probably need some in the very near future. Only two types were available -- the normal blue coloured type, only what the gas station had was for winter weather. This is June, Victoria June, which may not be that warm but certainly isn't winter weather. The other washer available was summer grade for removing bugs, etc, was pinkish coloured and came in spring rain scent. 1) I am not going to be able to smell the washer when I squirt it on my windows because my windows will be closed to prevent getting splashed with droplet of fluid 2) the car in front of me probably won't be able to smell this stuff either.

Why does the summer washer fluid get scented when the blue winter washer fluid isn't? And if the blue winter washer fluid was scented what scent would it be?

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