Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cell Phone Confidential

I am a cell phone user....there I admit it. I only use it for 1) emergencies ie: Bernie paddles off to Seattle without Paula's knowledge 2) secondary emergencies ie: I'm stuck in traffic and am going to be late 3) phoning my mother when I've found a great deal on (insert: shoes; furniture; antique) to ask her if it is a great deal.

I don't use it continuely due to having mixed feelings about whether it does cause brain tumours and not really wanting to find out that it does.

I don't phone and drive either! One of my pet peeves is people who talk on their cell phones and drive. Get off the phone and drive!! Or pull over to the side of the road!! Too many cell phone talkers do not concentrate on the act of driving ie: not signalling that you are turning; or sitting at a red light that turns from green to red again while cars behind are honking and people are yelling at you and you just sit there chatting away on your phone.

Then there is what I call cell phone confidential. A term I reserve for people who walk down the street yakking on their cell phone. I don't need to hear you yell at your mother, boyfriend or sister. I don't want to hear about how you gave the guy you picked up in the bar the best b***j** he's ever had. Keep this for the privacy of your own home or your car (not while driving) or find some quiet place.

Oh yes, and two other things.....don't bring your cell phone when you work out at the gym. Some of us actually go to the gym to relieve stress, to get away from the office, which includes getting away from the phone.

And anwering a cell phone in a public washroom is just really bad manners....

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