Thursday, March 10, 2016

Post-Op Observations: From surgery February 25, 2016

Feb 25 to March 5 - 10 days from Surgery: Post-Op Recovery Observations.
1) Big day today, the staples holding the wound together were coming out this morning.
2) I've looked at the incision with the staples in -- Frankenstein's aren't so bad.
3) Removal tool resembles a stapler remover.
4) Not wishing to rip my skin off due to itchiness. This has settled down to a manageable issue....
5) Can't sit all the way back in the front car seat. Skin pulls too much and I can't get out of the car due to needing leverage to push out of the seat.
6) Doctor appointment this morning. Good news wound is healing nicely. Bad news: it looks terrible and I feel like Frankenstein. Good news: I've never been a bikini wearer.
7) Have empathy for paper when we humans staple it and deeply when we remove those staples with the stapler remover.
8) Asked doctor how many staples I had in me, he wasn't counting. Of course he wasn't counting he was just trying to get them out as I was trying to remember to breath. I guessed 25. Actually number - 27.
9) All those years my mother told me to walk not shuffle. Now I get to shuffle not walk. Nahnahnahnah
10) My toes are getting a work out picking up things I drop on the floor. Yes Wendy Lightbody, I am dropping things: clothing, makeup, money. I dropped the same dime and nickel three times today.

Thursday Day 7 of Post-Op Observations
1) I stretched this morning, or at least my legs did. See Day 6 observation for more info.
2) I sat for longer than 20 minutes at one time. Sit bones are working but back doesn't like it now. Healing takes time.
3) Standing is the best positon.
4) Bruise on hand in now a pink shade. ...
5) Wound finally stopped being itchy and I no longer want to rip my skin off.
6) Coughing and tickle seem to be gone
7) Still have a small portion appetite. Ok with that.
8) Swelly belly is going down, slowly. Healing takes time.
9) First week of recovery ends today
10) Tomorrow staples come out. Something new to experience.

Wednesday Day 6 of Post-Op Recovery: Observations -
1) tongs make a good arm extension to reach things if one can't bend.
2) bruise on hand is more red than brownish gray
3) sit bones don't like being sat on for more than 20 minutes
4) the tendency to stretch upon waking hasn't happened since Feb 26, the day after the surgery. ...
5) my shuffle walk has gained some speed
6) Tickle in throat from tubes during operation = coughing = pain
Suppressing cough, no pain, sighing with relief, sneezed instead. Will take coughing over sneezing. Thought I pulled staples out.
7) Have patience with others. Need to extend that to myself and repeat several times "healing takes time".
8) Had 25 pain pills to take every 4 hours or as needed for 2 days. One or two pills. Got them Feb 27. I have 19 pills left. I'm wondering if the IV was in my wrist where there are lots of nerve endings did my body get so numb I don't feel pain or do I just have a very high pain threshold??
9) Send thank you to Vanessa Bird for her advice on hospital clothing, especially a certain item. I got to take home a swag bag of items including several of that certain item.
10) Thank you to Katrina Pandak and Sara Henderson for all their advice as I entered this unknown territory.
11) and 12) To John Herbert, you are my gentle giant, your help and care are appreciated beyond words. Thank you for my family and other friends for your phone calls, texts, and visiting me in the hospital, as well as your offers to help during my time off.

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