Thursday, July 03, 2008

A new location

June 30, Moving Day:

The move was rescheduled for an hour earlier. Which was great. A two man crew showed up instead of the three man crew booked. Still I think Steve and Doug did a great job going from the main floor of a house to the third floor of a walk up, on a day of extreme heat. Everything has arrived, a few nicks and scratches, but that is the norm for moving. Which I haven't done in 10 years. Hard to believe really. I know some people think I should have done this a long time ago, but moving is not cheap. What cost me $300 approximately 10 years ago cost me over $500 this time. My deepest thanks and love to John who cared for my cat during moving day, helped provide boxes, packed items for me and gave me moral support to keep going when I felt that burning everything and starting over would be a simple solution, minus items with sentimental value of course. He also, got popsicles, bottles of water, dinner from Subway and did a multitude of other little errands that added up.

Thank you to Leslie for grabbing boxes and packing material.

A deep thank you to Paula J. for being there on moving day, baking cookies, having bread and apple for a snack, suggesting making the bed first and just being a great friend.

Gratitude to my parents, for moving us around a lot. During this move I kept thinking of the 68 times my mother has moved house and survived. I knew I would get through this too.

July 1, Canada Day:

John treated me to breakfast.

I started unpacking and piling up boxes to take to recycle. Neatly folded newpaper from each box and took to recycle. Noted we have 3 bins for paper which is a good thing.

My friend, Leah dropped by to view new place. Stamp of approval received.

Went to bed. Did not sleep well. Cat still prowling around. Another hot day and apartment is very warm. Noise from Cadboro Bay disturbs my sleep.

July 2:

Shaw Cable showed up between 8-10 am as booked, eventhough Shaw Cable don't book 2 hour windows but rather 4 hour windows so customer is not disappointed. TV and internet hooked up, phone is hooked up but phone number has not been released from Telus yet. Due to have same number by July 9. Cat was terrified by front door buzzer and hid for the duration of Shaw connection.

Had coffee with Paula and we did some shopping for local raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb and local vegetables at Ambrosio.

Went home, more unpacking. Box collection is flattened, but now need to take them away.

Went to bed. Did not sleep well. Noise from Cadboro Bay still not use to yet. Finally fell asleep only to wake up to flashes of light. Seems we had a storm. Cat prowled again and meowed several times.

July 3:

Apartment is much cooler today.

Changed address on car insurance. Got car insurance reduced too and have $5 refund coming. Not bad.

Had coffee and my free snack from Serious coffee. Won the free snack on a scratch card on first neighbourhood coffee!!

Went to Surroundings in Cook Street Village. Did not purchase over $500 teak table and chairs that slide apart from small to large. However, did see new desk, walked away, came back, looked again, measured, perfect apartment desk. Teak sliding desk with a lot of options. Made the plunge and bought it. Now to sell my old desk and Ikea table I have.

Did first load of laundry. Couldn't dry any of it in machine. Realized I had one loonie and all quarters. Machines take $1.25. Definately needed the drying rack today. Next item to purchase for household.

Hopefully will sleep better tonight and will get used to noise of traffic. Although I'm not directly on Cadboro Bay, the noise travels to my windows. Hope cat is settling down and she will not prowl tonight but will sleep too.

Still more boxes to tackle, unpack and break down.

Looking forward to kayaking this weekend, picking up desk and going to Organic Food Festival. Need some time to feel this week has been vacation.

Will be heading back to work on July 7th.

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