Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Salt Spring Soap Works

I'd heard that seaweed did wonders for one's skin, as did seamud. Since Salt Spring Soapworks is downtown and I happened to be doing some other errands I purchased the Spa Seamud Mask to try. It contains glacial clay, vegetable glyercine, meythl paraben, propyl paraben (I do try to avoid parabens whenever I can) and spa fragrance blend. The fragrance is so strong upon opening the jar that I was extremely wary of putting this stuff on my face. Since I've opened it I've tried it twice.

Stay away! Don't waste your money. This stuff made my face itch and the fragrance made my eyes water.

I'm hoping to return it once I find the receipt.

1 comment:

Scott Simmons said...

It is to bad it dint work the will probable refund or return without a recite.