Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Being Green is Trendy!

Kermit the Frog may have said "it's not easy being green." but recently being green is the new black. Being green is trendy. Those of us who have been green for a long time may be sitting on the sidelines watching celebs and others jump on the bandwagon. Lately Vanity Fair came out with a green issue, and in celebration of April's Earth Day, several magazines are coming out with their own green issues. This month Canadian Living and LouLou have green issues and eco-friendly products listed amongst its pages.

Its the new buzz word!

For years I've watched various campaigns; Don't Litter was one of the main ones during my childhood. It stuck with me.
When I moved to Ontario I was impressed with the recycling program they had, even clothes could be left at the curb. I moved to BC thinking recycling on the island would be better, only it isn't and I think there is a lot to be done to improve that. I'm glad I live in Oak Bay, sure it may be classified as snob ville, but it is now the first municipality to form a committee on reducing emissions.

For those of us who have always tried to be green, keep our consumption down, been responsible consumers and done our bit to help protect the environment, our shining hour is here!

Hopefully this trend will last a long long time and we may leave an earth for future generations.

In celebration of Earth Day in April, Canadian Living is doing a 30 day green challenge. To obtain 30 days worth of green tips, sign up at:

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