Monday, November 27, 2006


November 26 the snow starting falling and by mid-morning was piling up. I went out for groceries it being a short walk to the Oak Bay Village. Everything was open and there was even hopes the lighting celebrations would still happen. These were cancelled by noon or so.

Today, November 27, the city is basically closed! This snow has shut Victoria down. In other places I've lived I would still be going to work and everything would still be running.

I must admit that the University of Victoria was slow on announcing it was closed. Considering bus service was cancelled before UVic closed, and I would have been standing at the stop, I would have missed both announcements. Which makes me think about a better way of getting information. Maybe I need to start carrying my little portable radio again. one called me on the emergency listing we recently updated. Good thing I phoned Rena to tell her to stay home. Bettina, my other team member, had a day off so I didn't need to notify her about not going to work.

Maybe this will be another event to realize our contact list needs to be used!

Tuesday is suppose to be worse!

Oh, and nice weather for Gillian to return to after a long stay in Hawaii!

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