Wednesday, November 15, 2006

5 more to go & counting...

November 16, November 20, November 23, Novemer 27 and November 30....that will be the end of Anthropology 312, Medical Anthropology. I can't believe it! I'm reading Chapter 4 of In the Bush the take home study text. I have one final assignment to be given to me which will be due at the end of November. My exam is December 15 at 2pm. A Friday and a booked vacation day! Think I might exchange that with an EDO instead.

I'm chipping away at my degree but I've a long long way to go. Even if I am now classified as a second year student. The Career Development Fund will only cover one course a year. Which means I have to take my course either from September to December or January to April or in Summer Session. I still think it is a bit odd that the education institution I work at doesn't cover more courses for the development of their support staff. Think about it, a post secondary institution that promotes higher education, yet only covers one course per year. Oh I can take multiple free workshops put on by HR or the cheaper courses, but I don't have an option to take more courses.

Hopefully this will change. Afterall isn't having employees who are also students the best form of promotion for the university?

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