Thursday, September 21, 2006

IKEA Catalogue

A coworker brought me an IKEA catalogue which she picked up when she visited her parents on the mainland. I'd been checking my mailbox daily awaiting my ordered copy. Of course the ordered copy showed up two days after Kate brought me one.

I had two!! I had already started to put post-it notes onto pages with notes written on the post-its. The second catalogue was scooped by my partner, John, as his ordered copy had not shown up. When I mentioned to friends that during our trip to Vancouver (aka Vankookoo) we would be making an IKEA stop, I was asked if I had a catalogue. I had to mention I had two, one already scooped and one now plastered with post-its. However, I would bring said catalogue along for viewing purposes only and I would turn the pages.

I willingly lead out some of my books, but my IKEA catalogue is a treasure not to be lent. I've saved for months to purchase the matching dresser for the bedside tables I purchased last year.

I think IKEA should include a page of post-its you can peel off labelled: NEED IT, LOVE IT, WANT IT, like LOULOU Magazine.

Now the latest question is, Last year did John leave the back seat in the van or did we take it out to fit in the IKEA purchases??

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