Sunday, September 03, 2006

Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw

Beauty Tips From Moose Jaw, Travels in Search of Canada by Will Ferguson

I started this book, and then put it down to read The Secret Language of Girls (see review below) and then picked it up again. Some books you just can't pick up again, you have to go back and begin again. This book isn't like that, this book is a road trip across Canada, and one can take a side trip, such as reading another book, then return to the main road.

As someone who has studied Canadian History at university and who has lived and travelled through most of my selected home country, I completely enjoyed this book. I've been to some of the places Will Ferguson writes about and a lot he hasn't. Which just made me realize that writing a book about Canada isn't easy, there is just too much to see.

I've seen a lot of the Giant Objects beside Canada's highways, and could add to Will's list as he forgot Husky the Muskie in Kenora, the Icelandic man in Gimli (aka the giant chess piece) and a few others. I've even drunk Muskoka Dry.

What Will Ferguson has given us is a taste of Canada with a sense of humour. One that will make you yearn to hit the road and see this great big country for yourself.

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